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Day Dating, and Some Words of Wisdom

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I remember before we had kids, people would always say, “Don’t forget to make time for each other, and go on dates.” And I was always like, yea, yea, yea, of course we will.

Fast forward nearly eight years and two children later. Sometimes I feel like my hubby and I are roommates, ships passing in the night. Between work, kids, and real life we rarely carve out time for each other. And honestly, I guess I hadn’t noticed much in all of the chaos that we have gone through the past few years.

When we were in Las Vegas, I noticed how affectionate and in love our friends Tom and Gina are. And man, are they in the trenches! Not only do they have a 4 year old daughter, but also a 6 month old baby. Yet they were constantly smiling at each other and laughing at each others’ jokes.

FullSizeRender 7

Aren’t we adorable!

I made a comment in passing to Gina about that, and she said something to me that I don’t know why, but I had never even thought about. She told me that there is going to come a day when the kids are out of the house, and it will just be us again.

It was like a punch in the gut.

I guess I have such tunnel vision right now, and I couldn’t see the forest from the trees. She was right. Not only do we need to continue to cultivate our relationship as parents, but also as a husband and wife.

So lately we have been making more of an effort to do things as a couple. This ice queen also needs to be more affectionate towards her husband. He has been such a rock for me through all that we’ve been through, and really deserves a prize for putting up with me.

But here’s the catch. By the time we spend a Saturday with the kiddos, get them to bed, then get myself sexified, and go to dinner at 7:00, I’m pooped. Not only that, but by the time dinner ends, and we get home, that cuts into my precious DVR/ sleepy time. So we are now the king and queen of the Day Date!

FullSizeRender 8

Yes, that’s me on the left not a boy!

Here’s how a Day Date works. You hire a sitter to come between 2-3, and you and your spouse catch a movie, do a little shopping, maybe go kayaking, whatever. Then you grab an early bite, say around 6. When you arrive home about 8 the kids should be fed, and hopefully ready for bed. It’s a glorious concept because the sitter wears them out, and does all of the dirty work of feeding them and getting them ready for bed. You swoop in, kiss the little monkeys good night, and you still have time to cozy up in bed, fire up the DVR, and still get a good night’s sleep.

Or you could do what we did the other day. We were so wiped out we actually had the sitter come over, left and picked up some tasty take out, then texted the sitter to take the kids out back to play while we snuck back into our bedroom and binge watched House of Cards for 3 hours. MUAHHHHHHH!

It was glorious, they were so confused when we came downstairs at 8.

You’re Welcome!

Until next time,


The Best Appetizer Ever!

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It’s not gorgeous, but don’t judge this book by its cover because it is damn good!

FullSizeRender 10

Trader Joe’s Feta Lentil Bruschetta ( I don’t think this recipe is a huge secret considering I tried it for the first time in the sample area, and have seen several versions of it on Pinterest.) Nonetheless, it is worth taking note of!


1 package TJ’s cooked Lentils, 1 container TJ’s Mediterranean Feta, and 1 container of TJ’s Fresh Bruschetta sauce.FullSizeRender 11

Dump everything in a bowl, and mix to combine. I serve this with pita chips at parties but we love it so much we have put it on salads and on top of chicken.

The best part is how simple it is to make. Gotta love Trader Joe’s!

Until next time.



Why this Jew LOVES Easter

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In our family I am the hostess. I host Thanksgiving, Halloween, and most every other family gathering in between. While this is by choice, sometimes it’s nice to take a break. This is one of the reasons why I LOVE Easter!

On top of that, this is a holiday when the kids don’t expect any gifts, I can steal loads of Easter candy from them when they are asleep, I don’t have to decorate the house, and we are always invited to an Easter Celebration at my dear friend, and hair dresser of 20+ years’ house.

Did I mention he lives on a farm?

FullSizeRender 9

What a cute little farmer!


Not only was the farm treat enough for the kiddos, there is also a massive egg hunt on the property, lots of booze, and a spread of food and desserts that would make any fatty squeal. Last but not least, once everyone is nice and buzzed  full we play “Dysfunctional Family Bingo.” It’s quite a sight! Some of the old ladies take Bingo VERY seriously!

By the time we get the kids into the car they are wiped out, our bellies are full, and they basically crash out by the time we get home.

He makes the main dishes, but the apps and dessert are potluck. I make a killer appetizer that is my go to for any party. People inhale it, and it literally takes 2 minutes to make. I will have the recipe up on the blog tomorrow!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend whether you celebrate Easter or not.

Until next time.


MexiGreek Dinner

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What I love about this dinner is that it’s of course delicious, and on top of that, it is easy, fast, most of the ingredients you probably already have in the fridge, and I can deconstruct the recipe for the kiddos.

Greek Tostadas:

4 Tostada Shells


2T sour cream or Greek yogurt depending on your preference.

1T ranch dressing.


2 Cups leftover shredded rotisserie chicken.

1/2 C Feta cheese

6 large marinated artichoke hearts chopped

2 diced Roma tomatoes

1/2 diced cucumber

1/4 C red wine vinegar

3T sliced Kalamata olives.

***Before you mix everything together, if you are feeding picky little ones, just take your chopped cucumbers, tomato, chicken, and plate with some ranch dressing, and throw in any leftover broken tostada shells. There’s always a few in the package ; ) ***


Incorporate tostada “Mixture’ ingredients in a large bowl.

Spread a dollop of “Glue” on each tostada shell.

Scoop mixture liberally on top.

Psst….Leftovers make an awesome salad topping or as a dip with pita chips, just add some sour cream and ranch to the mixture.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!


Star Wars Birthday Bonanza

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When it comes to my children’s birthday parties, I basically think I am a Kardashian.

What should be a little pizza, cake, and balloons turns into an over the top bonanza, that will inevitably set my child up for disappointment in the future.

Actually, I really love being creative and throwing parties, so basically my children are just an excuse for me to rationalize the amount of time I spend on Pinterest.

But look how cute it was!


I still can’t believe how my baby is 4 years old. It hurts my ovaries!


We ordered a fruit and cheese tray, veggie tray, and chicken from Von’s. I also served Star Wars Cheez-Its, Light Saber Go-Gurts, Graham Crackers, onion dip, and ruffles (always a party classic.)

Wait, what? Is that Star Wars noodle shaped pasta salad? Why yes. Yes it is.



And Hot Dogs! So good!


Each kiddo got a light saber. I found this gem on Pinterest. Just pool noodles and Duct tape and several hours of your like you will never get back.


R2D2 Goody Bags filled with trinkets I found on Oriental Trading. I found the printable on Etsy.



It’s all about the details baby! And luckily there is Star Wars themed crappy at every turn inside My Mecca I mean Target.


We had a Jedi Training Lesson. The kids loved it. Poor guy was sweating his ass off. If it wasn’t so expensive I probably would have cared.

And of course Dessert! Once again, Thank you Vons.

Until next time.

Betsy.  AKA The Jewish Martha Stewart 🙂

Viva Las Vegas (Part 2)

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While we were in Las Vegas we left the kiddos with the babysitter overnight for the first time.

I just left a few notes for her to get by…

FullSizeRender 4

All of those years making Sub Plans really came in handy.

Too much?

Both my husband I have parents who aren’t quite in the kind of shape to be chasing around a 4 and 6 year old for 3 days, so we had our babysitter watch them.

We figured it would be good birth control for her.

This was the first time she had watched the boys overnight, and in typical OCD fashion I may have overdid it a little on the prep.

For starters, I made a binder for her to use. Inside were the neatly typed plans, important phone numbers, some spending cash, and medical release forms in case something happened.

I tried not to talk about the trip too much to the kiddos before hand. I didn’t want to build it up as something for them to worry about. Instead I emphasized that they got to have a party weekend of junk food and electronics with the babysitter.

I stocked the fridge and freezer with easy to make meals and snacks, and some cookie dough and cinnamon rolls for a fun baking activity.

I also grabbed some consumable activities from the dollar bin at target for them to make.

The sitter stayed at our house in the guest room, and drove the kiddos in my car since they had their normal weekend activities planned, and I wanted to keep things as consistent as possible for them.

We rarely leave them overnight, and this was the longest I had been away so I wasn’t sure how they would respond.


They don’t look too traumatized to me!

Who do you leave your kiddos with when you leave town?

Any tips/ ideas about leaving your kids at home with a sitter or family member?

Until next time.



Viva Las Vegas in Your 30’s!

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This past weekend my husband and I escaped the madness of karate, baseball, and birthdays parties for a little party time of our own in Las Vegas. We planned the trip with another couple under the rouse of attending the PAC 12 Basketball Tournament. Really all we I wanted to do was sleep, eat, and shop.

I want to share with you what I’ve learned about Vegas in this post bachelorette party era.

  1. It will take a day or two to get over what our friend Tom termed as “Kid Lag.” Similar to Jet Lag, this is the day or two it takes to catch up on sleep and not expect a child to be standing over you at 5:30 in the morning asking for milk.
  2. Invest in an upscale, quiet hotel. It is worth the extra money to not be stepping over barf in the hallways, or stinking like cigarette smoke for 3 days. IMG_1041
  3. You are too old for Pool Parties, and dresses that barely cover your Vajay Jay. Yes, even in Vegas one over 30 must maintain a touch of class. Now don’t confuse slutty and sexy. Just know what you can and can’t show anymore.


3. Wear something easy and comfortable during the day that’s versatile but still cute.IMG_1097

4. Eat well. Do not waste calories on crap you can eat at home. There are endless amazing dining options in Las Vegas to choose from.IMG_1115

Spend you calories on this!!!!


5. I am WAY, WAY too old for the clubs (although being able to use my zexiness to get free tickets was a much needed ego boost).


I missed my little munchkins though. I constantly complain about needing to get away from those two little trolls, but as soon as I do, I miss them like CRAZY.

As for how they behaved while we were gone?

All I know is that after the babysitter picked us up from the airpot, and brought us to the house, she had already packed her bag and made a bee line for her car before we even walked in the door…

Until next time.


5 Days of Crazy

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Last week I had to put on my big girl panties and work 5 whole days in a row!

I have been part time since my second son was born almost 4 years ago. I was a little (a lot) stressed about getting everyone to the right place at the right time and was nervous that I would be too tired to cook, and derail our recent attempts at healthy eating. I am incredibly type A and plan everything out so this week seemed incredibly daunting to me.

Breakfasts are pretty easy, usually an egg with either Ezekiel Toast or oatmeal.


I prepped some lunches and tried to figure out what I could make for dinner that wouldn’t be too involved. With sports and karate we don’t usually get home until after 5:30. On days I don’t work I can prep dinner before, and just heat it up when we get home, but this week I couldn’t do that.


On Monday we had Penne Rosa Pasta with Shrimp minus the mushrooms. So good!


Tuesday I caved and ordered sushi, because the meat I had taken out of the freezer for dinner wasn’t defrosted enough.

Wednesday, we did Greek:


Thursday we ate some leftover Tamales we had in the freezer. If you live in San Diego, you must try Las Cuatro Milpas. Best tamales in the world!

Friday night my husband went out so the kiddos and I just ate leftovers.

It was an exhaustive week, but we survived! Kudos to all of the full time working mommies out there. I don’t know how you do it! You ladies are my HEROES!

All in all I would give myself a C+ for eating this week.

I seem start off the day with the best intentions, but by about 4:00 in the afternoon I start getting hangry, and before I know it I have eaten my body weight in Goldfish and whatever other crap my kids are eating.

My goal for this week is to get a handle on the snacking, and to try to lay off the carbs late in the the day. And by carbs, I mean candy, sugar, and desserts.


I actually bought this cookie for my sons to share on friday night, but they were being mean little trolls, so I hid it in my purse and as soon as they fell asleep this little chicky was all mine. And she was SO good!

I also joined a 21 Day Fix accountability group that started yesterday. I cannot wait to share how it goes. I bought the program a while back, and tried to do it on my own. I like the idea of eating everything in moderation as opposed to eating meals from a box, or never being able to eat carbs or drink booze. My only concern is all of the colored boxes, I feel like I am doing a calculus problem trying  to plan out my meals. We shall see…

Until next time!


Finding That Sweet Spot.

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Without getting into a sob story, 2014 and 2015 were shit years.

Basically, if something bad could happen, it did.

This is one of the main reasons I started this blog. 2016 was going to be my year. I know, today is March 1, but you get the point. I knew that this year I needed to make changes in almost every facet of my life. I would love to say that I had some sort of lightbulb moment of clarity that would guide me on the path to love, light, and zen.

But this is me we are talking about, and this was my moment:


In true Betsy fashion, I was plugging along, burning the candle at both ends when suddenly, I could barely see. It was like there were little lightning bolts dancing around in my eyes. Because I am a neurotic Jew, I of course thought I was having a stroke and was going to die.

I spent the entire day in the ER, and after a battery of tests, the doctors determined that I was suffering from a specific type of Migraine Headache. The point of all this?

This migraine, and the 3 I have had since, were all triggered by stress. I needed to chillax!

I started really taking stock of my life, and along with needing to make some dietary and exercise changes, I realized that I was also not nourishing some very important relationships in my life.

So along with trying to eat better and exercise more, I have been letting loose a bit on the weekends.I am trying to be more social.

I have strong hermit like tendencies.

Over the past few months I have made some amazing memories with my girlfriends. I also feel like my husband and I have finally found our social “niche.”

The downside to this fun is the toll it takes on my waistline.

Yes, I can be that friend who does coffee and gym dates. But I want to have dessert and a drink too!IMG_0793

This is a huge year of changes for me, and I need to learn how to balance things and find that sweet spot. I want to have more fun, and allow myself a few drinks, just not a few drinks, some cake, and a huge dinner three times in one week!

The search for balance continues.

Until next time.