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Memorial Day Weekend Happenings. 

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Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! I seriously feel like I’ve been hit by a bus! I don’t know about you, but whenever we have a Monday holiday I am always totally off kilter for the rest of the week.

On Saturday we ran some errands, had a birthday party to go to, and in preparation for a family wedding on Sunday, I had this gem come to my house. She does an awesome job, and you literally walk out your door, get a tan, and go back inside. Brilliant! Plus the club beats bumping from the bus is an added bonus.


IMG_3010 2

Spray Tan Bus


Sunday morning I got my ass whooped at a boot camp class, and then grabbed coffee with a girlfriend. I think it’s really important to carve out time with my girlfriends. It reminds me that I am more than a mommy! Then I got to spend the rest of the day getting glammed for the wedding. It takes a LOT of work to clean me up!

Yesterday was very slow going (imagine the sloth from Zootopia) that was me yesterday. I was so tired from the wedding bonanza, and the little sleep we got that night. I was able to make it out of the house for food, of course and to hit up the grocery store. Our friends came over for dinner and I made tomato basil soup and a make your own grilled cheese bar. Yummy! Dinner turned out really well. I will have the soup recipe and details up on the blog soon.

Also, keep your eye out this week for my first Giveaway on the blog!

Woohoo! I’m legit now!

Until next time,


Grocery Store Round-Up

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Hola amigos! Happy Friday!!! Any fun plans for the long weekend? We have a family wedding this weekend but that’s about it.

Since the week is winding down, and my neurotic, OCD self has already started thinking ahead to the next. As I start my meal prep I’m reminded of a convo I had with my friend Lindsay last week.

During our daily text thread she was telling me how exhausted she was from going grocery shopping. She had been to Costco, Target, and Sprouts, and still wanted to make a Trader Joe’s run. I was like WTF? You’re nuts.

Then I started thinking about it and there really is no one stop shop for food.

At Costco we buy snacks, fruit, and meats in bulk.

Target I get mainly paper goods, but sometimes they have really good deals on food items.

Sprouts is my go to for fresh ingredients that I may not need a lot of like ginger, and organic buys.

Then there’s Trader Joe’s for odds and ends. I really love how they have a lot of veggies prepped, and the freezer section. Come on. It’s worth the trip just for that.

Why can’t all of this goodness be in one place?

Anyone else hit up multiple grocers for the week’s food or are we just nuts?

Maybe I should just go to Vons, but where’s the fun in that ; )

Let me know!

Until Next time,


Namaste home no more!

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FullSizeRender 24

Hey! Happy Hump Day! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather. My oldest son had two teeth pulled today and they had to sedate him so we’ve been chillaxing around the house. Tonight I am going to hit up yoga class so I thought this would be a good opportunity to share this post.

So a few months ago I blogged about how at a yoga class the front desk clerk thought that I was pregnant. I laughed it off because I really didn’t think I looked pregnant and it’s a super ignorant thing to assume unless I am literally crowning in your face. I don’t even know if then you should even say anything?!?

I digress.

Last week a girlfriend invited me back to the same studio for yoga. That’s when it dawned on me that I had not been back there since the “Incident.” I actually wore a sweatshirt when I checked in and walked past the front desk before we could chit chat.

IMG_2712 3

When I got about half way through the class I remembered how much I enjoyed it and how good I felt. I realized that it did affect me on a deeper level than I realized. I think I was afraid to go back and have it happen again. I was so mad at myself for letting some d-bag keep me from coming to class for 3 months.

This reminded me of the power of people’s words and how much they can affect others. I have a tendency to say what is on my mind, when it’s on my mind even if my opinion wasn’t necessarily solicited.

I too need to be more cognizant of the things I say to others, and try to be more like a duck and let the things assholes say to me role off my back!

Until next time!


Super Simple Cinnamon Spice Protein Muffins

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I am always looking for a good snack option that doesn’t feel too healthy and can curb my afternoon sugar/carb/junk food cravings. These definitely do the trick!


These turned out so much better than I expected. I have tried making higher protein baked goods in the past but they have always been major fails. I think the key was the protein pancake mix. They turned out soft and moist and don’t have that overly fake flavor to them. If you don’t eat the muffins right away I recommend popping them in the microwave for a few seconds if you can before eating them.

FullSizeRender 20

They even look like “real” muffins. Also, they would probably be even tastier with some almond butter sandwiched in between them!

FullSizeRender 22

Recipe: Makes 8 muffins

1/2 Cup About Time Protein Pancake Mix- Cinnamon Spice ( I ordered this on Groupon)

***If you don’t have protein pancake mix I would recommend mixing a scoop of your favorite protein powder with equal parts almond and coconut flour.***

1/2 Cup Water

2 Tbsp. PB2

6 Tbsp. Egg Whites

Preheat over to 350 degrees and line 8 muffin tins. Combine all ingredients in a bowl.

Let mix stand 3 minutes.

Scoop mix into muffin tins about 1/2 to 3/4 full.

Bake for 25 mins.

Store in the refrigerator in a Ziploc bag and keep muffins in the liner until you eat them to keep fresh and soft.

This is a rough calculation of the nutritional value.

Per muffin:

72 calories/ 2.5g fat/ 8g carbs/ 7g protein, <1g fiber

Let me know if you try them!

Until Next time!


How’d I Get Here?

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If you asked me at 18 years old where I would be at 35, it would not be here!

When I graduated high school I went to college in Washington D.C. with some grandiose plans of become the next Madeleine Albright.


I would daydream about my sleek apartment in Dupont Circle, and walking  The Hill in my black Theory Power Suit (I can still smell the power).

Fast forward 17 years and I am an educator, living in the town I was raised in, with 2 kids, and 3 dogs. I spend 75% of my time in yoga pants, and I don’t even think I own a suit.

And guess what? I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I recently resigned from my stable, tenured teaching position after 12 years. I am taking a leap of faith and have taken a new position in the private sector. It is SO scary for me because I do not do well with change. But it is time, and I am ready.


With all of this change I have been doing a lot of reflecting.

Over the past few years I have experienced some incredibly pivotal life events, both positive and negative and it blows my mind every. single. day how crazy real life is.

I would have NEVER in a million years imagined the life I have today, or the things that have happened in my life.

But I wouldn’t change a thing, especially this part:

FullSizeRender 18

I am not a particularly deep or introspective person, so don’t get used to this!  But I want to encourage you to take a minute and reflect on your life.

Is what you imagined it would be? Let me know!

Until next time.


Putting myself on time out.

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Happy Monday! Hope everyone had as fantastic a weekend as I did!

After a CRAZY work week I crashed out at about 9:30 on Friday night. 

Saturday morning I hit the gym and the boys had Karate and Baseball.

I spent the rest of the day/night with my bestie Camille. We both recently turned 25 again for the tenth time. To celebrate we had a girl’s staycation. This was only about the fourth time in 7 years that I spent a night away from all of my boys. If I’ve ever gone away overnight it’s been with my husband. I’ve always had so much mom guilt about leaving them. But let me tell you, this weekend was glorious. 

We grabbed lunch:


The Calexxican from Naked Cafe

Then Massages and Pedis:

And movies/ snacks/  room service at a cute boutique hotel nearby:

The perfect day! And it was a great opportunity for my husband to have some quality time with the boys. They had a beach picnic at the cliffs:


Sunday afternoon was spent at the baseball field and getting ready for the coming week. Have you ever taken a mom “time out?” I think I could get used to it!

Until next time,